Olivia Alice Calypso Picture

I created this for my lady, Olivia Alice Calypso, for valentines day. Having so many interesting names made it easy to create a concept that was both abstract and meaningful. Calypso (far left-red/pink) was a sea nymph in Greek mythology. She was the daughter of the Titan, Atlas, and is also known as Atlantis in ancient Greek. Her mother was Tethys. Calypso was confined to the island of Ogygia for supporting her father and the Titans during the Titanomachy. She is remembered for her role in Homer's Odyssey, in which she imprisons the fabled Greek hero Odysseus on her island in order to make him her immortal husband. Calypso kept Odysseus hostage at Calypso Island for seven years. Athena asks Zeus to spare Odysseus of his torment on the island, as he wants to return home to see his beloved wife Penelope. Zeus compels Calypso to release Odysseus, and she attempts suicide, but she is thwarted by her own immortality. In this image I used Kalk Bay harbour in the background, a place close to where I live in South Africa, and which holds many special memories for the two of us, In her hand is a calypso orchid.... In Alice (far right - blue) she is in our very own wonderland (a trance festival in Cape Town that we went to together, again many, many amazing memories) and loving every second of it, as you can see in her expression. The centre piece is the balance, the inner peace, or the angel, keeping the other personas in perfect harmony with one another.
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