SMT Persona: Ayano Chikafuji Picture

Finally! Ive finished my Shin Megami Tensei: Persona characters for an rp with =Hamstertastic It took forever but i drew this and colored it all in one day!
Things like weapons and such are used from P3 and P4.
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Name: Ayano Chikafuji
Title: "The Detective's Daughter"
Persona: Penelope - Greek Mythology [link]
Arcana: Death
Age: 18 (Year III, Class 3-1)

Courage: Daring
Diligence: Strong
Understanding: Basic
Expression: Eloquent
Knowledge: Sage

Weapon: None. (Guide/Analysis Role)
Armor: Wolf Tunic --> Defense: 130 // Evasion: 14
Acessory: Mask of Truth --> Null Silence

After School: When not busy you can find her on the third floor by the third year classrooms.
* Student Council Vice President
* Part-Time Job "Shiroku Store"
Personality: Ayano is a very sour person and has few friends. She's become withdrawn since the disappearance of her best friend, as many people hear rumors that it was her fault. Despite the many who try and befriend her or ask her out she is usually such an ice queen that most have given up. She lives in her grandparents home because she lacks a mother, her's having died when she was young. She is much like her father and is also fluent in English because her grandmother is from the United Sates.
Bio: A third year who is the daughter of the chief detective of the Inaba PD. A senpai who was graduating and leaving Inaba told Ayano who was in her first year about the world inside the TV and the truth about the murders that happened three years prior. After graduation the supervision of the TV World was left to Ayano and her best friend Kunimasa Tsujimiya.
Unfortunately the two decided to venture further into the TV World and Kunimasa disappeared. Ayano frequently searches for him, believing he is alive, as no body has appeared in Inaba dead or alive. But when a transfer student comes to Yasogami and a different body does appear Ayano is dedicated to stoping the misuse of the TV World.

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