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Finally no more drawing Chep for a while. He's such a dick. I bet most of you dont understand the joke i made in the second panel when sapphrie spoke. In a nut shell, in the book The Odessy (a greek mythology kind of book) the queen of sorts was left behind at home while her husband went to fight in the trogan war. After about 15 years the towns people gave up on their lord and suiters from all over came to cort with penelope (i think that was her name). All they ever did was drink wine and mouch off her.At the end she challenged all the suiters to string her husbands bow and shoot an almost impossable shot. For those of you who've never read the odessy its a good book even if some of it is drawn on a little to long. I don't really have anything else to say about this page.
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