If you read this I am impressed. This is the first installment of stuff I wanna make graphic novels. I remembered more stuff I liked so that'll come up soon enough haha.
I know how bad all these sketches are. they are just there for posterity.
On one last note, the main character of my last idea on the list, her name is Rachel. I named her that because my mom considered naming me that and since she is basically little me, I thought it would be cute



Superhero/ Mutant AU I use most frequently:
1) Caspian and Rainn
In a darker version of our world, there is a faction of mutants and aliens living on Earth who are paired up by a computer by how powers and personalities mesh. The only kink in a successful 20 yr run are Caspian and Rainn. Both are rather different from eachother and there is the problem of only pairing up same sexes. Caspian being male and Rainn being not are the test partnership that brings out the best and worst of everyone.

2) Soleil and Unnamed Guy with Angel wings
A sunnier version of crime control with mutants. Mostly a boy meets girl scenario with some intense powers thrown in. Heck Yeah.

3) Penelope and Artem
Going back to my silly magical girl roots, this is a story based on the Greek Gods and the various mythology that comes with it. Also the group of people that are most prominent in this story have a secret base disguised as alpha beta frat house. There is much romance of course.

Magical AU's I use often:
4) Shaharazad
A dark dramedy about a young sorceress (one of the last) who has highly sought-after powers and is put into protection while trying to adjust to 'normal' society. THere are many a dark creature in this one.

5) Evangelos and Briar Rose
Set in the exact same time as the 'Shaharazad' storyline. In a completely different city. This has a more focused bit on romance and melodrama (lol)

6) Griffin and Eirawyn
A young man meets a little girl and changes his life. Set some years after 1 and 2

7) Eriol and Winter
Also after 1, 2 and 3. This is a single dad dramedy with magic libraries. I'm totally serious.

8) Stevie
Set in a more non magical setting, the magic is hidden in the normalcy of it all. you have to look for it. The main character and her scooby gang of other chosen defenders. Mostly silly, sometimes serious. THere are fights against some evil guys but it's all about Stevie

History AU
9) Jibreel and Freya
A historically inaccurate action adventure where the story stars with Jibreel on his way to rescue his wife Freya and his daughter Qamriyyah from the evil white men (XD). Of course his five other kids find ways to stow away on the ship, despite his strenuous objections. So the quest begins.

10) Adrian and Sirius
A 3 parter story about my two favorite boys growing up and being generally silly. Will be written as more of a normal love story than most yaois. I like plot.

11)Evangeline and River
My muslim love story about a rock star who wants something real in his life and a journalist who has what he's always wanted.

12)Astrid and Felix
A genius doctor and an ace detective sometimes collaborating, mostly flirting. I'm working on this summary

13) The Madrassah Islamiyyah
Partially fictionalized accounts of my experiences at Islamic School.
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