Sphinx and Seshat Picture

Tadaaaa~ and this is the final design of my OC: Daphnée Virginia Greyhound/Seshat and her boss, The Sphinx/The Riddler/Edward Nygma/Eddie Nashton/ Arthur Wynne...
In France we call him the Sphinx and I happen to like this name better than "The Riddler"

My inspirations for this OC ? Well at first i thought that if Eddie was to have a sidekick, she would be an archer, to share his deep dislike of Green Arrow. Then I wanted something mythology inclined, to go with "Sphinx" and I found "Seshat". She's the Egyptian goddess of stars/astronomy and Thot's (God of knowledge) wife/daughter/assistant(Yes daughter AND wife. Don't ask, mythologies are weird.). But why this particular girl would turn to villainy ? Then I though that, maybe, since Maxie Zeus had already kidnapped people he could have though she was the goddess Artemis and kidnapped her. And after much abuse and horrible situations, she snapped. I will probably translate her stories sooner or later so no spoil !

Her appearance : She's basically what I think Artemis would look like. Pale, messy blond hair (not nearly messy enough on my drawing !), with iron grey eyes, pale skin and a muscular body. She's flat as a board, but still feminine. Daphne is also very tall, just an inch (or two) shorter than the Riddler. She will eventually cut her hair short, and get a whole lot scars. By that time, her only scars are on her back and legs, but it will get worse.

Her name : Daphne is a nymph Apollo fell in love with (sort of), but depending on the interpretation she was also part of Artemis's group of huntresses. Virginia is either "maiden of harvest" or "maiden of war" and Greyhound ... well... hound dog... hunt... Yeah. I'm corny. But HEY ! I miss corny villains and the 60's Adam West show ! (I also like The Brave and the Bold very much :3, especially the wonder woman episode where she saves trevor with all the old fashioned lines
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