Penelope, Clytemnestra, and Helen Picture

Ta-dah! I'm honestly rather proud of this one. I think was able to get their styles just right. I plan on using these three for a story that takes place a few years before the Trojan War, basically when these three were still living in Sparta waiting to get married off to some noble or prince.

Penelope-(left) Gods, I love playing around with this character. She is a nice mix of deviousness and intelligence. She is best friends with her cousin, Clytemnestra. The two of them happily plot to drive Helen's suitors mad to the point of making a game of it. They consider themselves to be more like sisters than cousins and have a talent for driving both Helen's suitors and even Helen mad with pranks and riddles and endless arguments. The two cousins even share a room together. Penelope is undoubtedly the most clever of her family, which has led her to become somewhat cocky over the years. She believes she can outwit any man. Imagine her surprise when she finally comes across what is probably her intellectual equal in a young prince from Ithaca. Penelope enjoys wearing darker colors, such as blues and purples and is fairly modest when it comes to her fashion choices.

Clytemnestra-(center) It was made clear to Clytemnestra early on that she was not the beauty her sister was. Her mother, Leda, devoted her attention solely to her sister, Helen, leaving poor Nestra bitter and angry. However, she quickly found solace in her clever cousin and the animals throughout the palace, believing them to be kinder than people. Together with her cousin, she enjoys scheming and plotting for the fun of it. These little stunts often result in the utter amusement of her father, King Tyndareus, and the shrieking scorn and disapproval of her mother, Queen Leda. Clytemnestra's father is quite dear to her, and she pities him for the contempt that Leda holds for him. She often argues with her mother, yet is always able to leave her mother in strained silence by shouting that she "knows and she'll tell the world". While not as sure of herself as Penelope, she possesses a certain tenacity that Tyndareus admires. She dresses very simply, yet enjoys it when her clothes are flowy.

Helen-(right) Helen, to put it mildly, is a real piece of work. As a result of being spoiled by her mother since birth and lavished with endless compliments about her beauty, Helen has come to be rather vain and haughty. When something is not her way, she behaves like a child and will throw a fit. She relies on her looks and her mother to get what she wants. Reality also does not seem to register with her sometimes, as she often has unrealistic expectations about people and the world around her. She will always side with her mother in arguments. However, she is often lonely as a result of her mother's isolation of her from her female relatives. Whenever she naively attempts to speak to her sister, Clytemnestra seems to throw up her walls and block her out, whereas Penelope will simply be nowhere to be seen when Helen tries to look for her. She envies the close friendship between her sister and her cousin, yet always tries to cover it up with a smile.

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