Penelope, Lady of Ithaca Picture

Penelope, the wife of Odysseus and hereditary Queen of Ithaca, as described in Homer's epic, "the Odyssey"

It seems that there is at least some archaeological evidence to suggest that a high-ranking Lady in Ithaca named "Penelope" actually lived, and was married to the [in]famous Odysseus, at roughly the era in which Homer described her. So while she is semi-mythological, she's also potentially a historical figure.

This would make her one of the very few women whose lives are enshrined in ancient history. So she qualifies as my second entry into my own personal "Women in History" category.

"Penelope is immediately recognizable ... by her seated pose, by her reflective gesture of leaning her cheek on her hand, and by her protectively crossed knees, reflecting her long chastity in Odysseus' absence, an unusual pose in any other figure."

Since the skirt's morphing options did not allow for crossed legs, I placed one of her arms across her knees instead. The hair morphs also limited how far forward her face could be tipped without looking odd, so her traditional pose had to be slightly modified again.

According to the Odyssey, Penelope was highly desired for both her beauty and for the cultural significance that marrying her would make her husband king. She cleverly put off enough unruly suitors to comprise a potential invading army... by setting up tests and keeping them in competition with each other.

She was delaying, hoping and expecting that the rumors of her husband's death were not based in fact. Though her husband was away for 20 years, and their son had grown to early manhood during that time, she kept her unwanted suitors at arm's length for at least 10 years.

Her most famous ruse was that she was weaving a shroud for an aging relative, so that he might be buried in state whenever he died. She would be busy at her loom all the day long, too busy to accept courtship from any of her would-be suitors ... and every night, she would unravel what she had woven during the day.

That worked for approximately 3 years, until one or more of her maids betrayed her secret of preventing the weaving from reaching completion to some of her suitors. Naturally they told the others, and that effort to hold them at arm's length was ended.

I tried to imagine how she must have felt, after learning that her faithless maids had betrayed her ruse to put off her numerous unwanted suitors until her husband's long-awaited return.

Credits include:
Victoria 3 & V3 head morphs
International beauties morphs
International beauties type 3 skin (Mediterranean)
Dazzling Gaze
Updo 2
Ultimate changing Ponytail
Victoria 3 Mediterranean Dress and Wrap
Helen of Troy Dresses
Gorgon Hallway
Ollok (lamp)
Tapestry by Evanara
Rendered in DAZ, touched up in PSP.
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