Penelope Picture

Age: 15 Rank: Elite favorite pastime: being with friends
Friends: Androamche. Isis, Hippolyte, and Cassandra
Opposition twords: other sisters treatment twords lower ranking sisters espeically Zetas and Brunhild's savagetry
Favorite choice in plasmids: Winter Blast 3
Favorite choice in tonics: Health link, Eve link, and Elemental vampire
Favorite color: white Favorite snack: cream-filled cake
Backstory: Penelope is the eldest of all the Big Sisters with a soft heart for all in the beginning. She believe in the exact same thing as Andromache and competed in for becoming a leader but lost to Brunhild. But was placed aa a Elite second rank to leader and took full advantage. And tried to convince the other sisters to believe that they were al equal, yet only to be smashed by Brunhild's brutatly. She also used her rank to get close to Brunhild and find more on Isis's ordeal which scared her emotionally.
Where the name came from: Penelope was named after Odyssesus's wife Penelope. He won here over by helping her uncle find a suitable husband for Helen in Greek Mythology

Penelope belongs to me
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