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Another concept drawing for a Jason and the Argonauts series that will probably never happen,
Jason's uncle Pelias had Jason's mother and father killed when he was a baby Jason was secretly carried away and was put in the protective care of a wise centaur named Chiron. As the years passed Jason grew up not knowing of his true heritage. Chiron raised him to be wise and strong. Meanwhile Pelias now king of Iolcos visits the oracle who warns that his rule would be overthrown by a man with one shoe. Jason on his way to the Olympic Games being held in Iolcos. He sees a woman floating in the ocean as he wades out to save her his sandal becomes caught in the sand and he cuts it off with his knife. He saves her but she has amnesia and only remembers her name Medea hoping someone in Iolcos can help her they travel to the games together.
At the games they witness some of the known world’s greatest heroes, Heracles, Atalanta, and many others compete in friendly competition. When the master of ceremonies king Pelias arrives and sees Jason and his one shoe he become frightened and leaves. The king requests an audience with Jason at there meeting 20 of Pelias strongest warriors stood between Jason and the King. over they crowd he asks Jason what he would do if he were king and he was confronted by the man who was prophesized to destroy him, to which Jason replied "I would give him an impossible task, one that would send as far away as possible, if he were an honorable man he could not refuse a king." and so Pelias decreed that he quest for the golden fleece a powerful magical artifact at the edge of the know world guarded by a dragon that never sleeps
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