OPEN:Pups-adopts for points! Picture


This means they are MY creation, and cannot be created or copied without MY permission. Please respect that, because if I find otherwise, I WILL report you.

Now-these pups are here because though the story I've got going for the breeds isn't finished, I find myself with many different designs for them-and since I don't need anymore at the moment, I'd thought I'd share and adopt them out~!

I see my scanner messed up a bit on the left...and I hope you forgive that.

-Tell me why you want one-I'd prefer to know you'll be using/drawing them-maybe they just remind you of you!
-Give them a name, and a personality (their genders are already set, 7 boys, 7 gals oddly enough), a story even (if you like, a story is not required to get one).
-I'd like 10-15 points for them, at least, this is a lowlow price since they are my first batch. For you points you will not only get the pup-but a cleaner, better, pic of them from me to use as reference AND more insight on your pup's breed.
-Do NOT send points until you I give you the go ahead, and you must send in the points before I hand over the pup(s).
-IMPORTANT: place BREED AND NUMBER OF THE ONE YOU WANT, or abbreviate it (ex. Dragon1 can be D1).
-If someone else wants the same pup you will be alerted, and I will go from there either you can bid higher or I will chose between the two, it depends.
-Take care of them please.

GIFT: I've left the wings of the four breeds that have them (all but the blue ones, and the white ones on the left) BLANK so you can fill in the markings (which have no real meaning, but are there for a reason). BUT FOLLOW THE BREED GUIDELINES FOR THE MARKS: look here to get an idea on what that is: [link].

Okay, now for explanations of the breeds:

In the top left we have 3 Dragon Hound pups (2male, 1 female): Dragon Hounds are always dark colors-but can have splashes of white, and ALWAYS have red markings along their body and wings

Top right, Gryffin Hound pups (1 male, 1 female): Gryffin Hounds always have 'half-and-half' coloring with either their front or hind legs white

2nd left, Hyrda Hound pups (1 male, 2 females): THESE MUST GO AS A GROUP-Hyrda Hounds always come in groups of three (not all from the same litter sometimes, like the case here [the male is clearly younger]) and NEVER have wings or markings, they come in shades of blue and purple with white highlights

2nd right, Hypogriff Hound pups (1male, 1 female): come in all 'horse' colors (chesnut, roan, bay, etc)

Bottom, Unicorn/Pegasus Hound pups (2 male, 2 female): UNI'S HAVE WINGS AND 'GOLD PAWS', PEG'S DO NOT; but both are white with silver markings

Each hound is made with a mythological creature in mind, and gifted accordingly (the 'charms' found on the left ears, right legs, and tails), and is 'built' accordingly as well (size, muzzle/ear design, etc.).

If these guys get enough attention I will post more, and sometime around spring I will auction off a Rare Pup ( a rare pup hardly ever occurs, there are only two known to be around, and I'm keeping one
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