Sazin of the Crimson Skies Picture

This here is an old drawing I found looking through my art folders this morning. Originally done in all color pencil and pen. I just touched it with an Airbrush. I kinda like the mix of medias used.

The character in this picture is an oc rival antagonist of mines, who goes by the name Sazin 'of the Crimson Skies'. He is an antagonist of Ruxi, my Behemoth kaiju and like Ruxi, Sazin has a kaiju appearance as well. He is originally like Ruxi a giant monster when not restraint to humanoid appearance and his kaiju self is Ziz the beast of the sky. Sazin's blindfold is his restraint and also he can not see through the blindfold so he does everything with his eyes closed (Badass? Maybe.)

Sazin dual wilds crimson katana with 'X' shapes at the ends of the blade, no one really knows what his true goal most the time he moves like the wind. He has followers which are reference from mythical beast as well like: Quezacoatl, Pegasus, Fafnir, Gu Cumatz, Roc, etc.

There's a Leviathan that both Sazin and Ruxi are enemies of making it battle royal every time they meet. Eiros as well does not like either of these giants.

Info on Ziz = is a giant griffin-like bird in Jewish mythology, said to be large enough to be able to block out the sun with its wingspan. It is considered a giant animal/monster corresponding to archetypal creatures.

You all seen the protagonist, time to show off the ones that keep them on their toes! >o
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