Sunny Muffin -- 30-minute sketch Pony OC Picture

Yes, the name is a reference to that Robot Chicken sketch where the little girl tortures Pegasus from Greek mythology.

Step 1: The concept of Derpy's favorite baker
Step 2: Draw the muffin
Step 3: Outline the main body starting with the flank the muffin is on.
Step 4: Trace around pinkie fingertip to make the nose since I can't freehand that curve to save my life.
Step 5: Outline tail.
Step 6: Subdivide tail into dark/light cells
Step 7: Repeat 5 and 6 with mane.
Step 8: Erase section of mane to add ear
Step 9: Chef hat
Step 10: Eye
Step 11: Heavy trace of thick-light sketchlines
Step 12: Erase light lines while leaving heavy lines intact
Step 13: Fill in dark hair cells
Step 14: Detail muffin
Step 15: Detail mouth
Step 16: Photograph with webcam.
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