Sleipnir, Fjord-Style Picture

Basically a character I made to go along with my human character in the Percy Jackson fandom. You know how Percy has a pegasus as his "horse"? Well, since my character's parent is a Norse goddess (Skadi, to be exact), she gets a sleipnir as her mount. Son of the eight-legged horse of Norse mythology himself.

My reasoning for the legs was that they moved in sort of waves, based on how a real horse runs. Outside-inside-inside-outside, in a kind of rocking motion. And he can run in the sky and over water, too. All eight legs are only visible when he's running really fast; otherwise, he only has four. His name's Donjitmon, a.k.a. Donny, after a big-headed fjord at my barn. <3

Yes, I know his head is giant. I don't care.
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