Savin Me Picture

My scanner doesnt work anymore becaue it is also a color printer so if the machine has no ink in it, it complains and wont follow any command actions so this was the only way to get this on my computer. Then I have to edit the picture in a photoshop type program to chop the edges and clear it up so it looks nicer.

This is another picture of my character Jewel only in a collage. The man on the left is her husband Max and the man on the right is the foe who put Jewel in her position at the moment. The flying Pegasus is Pegasus, Jewel's mythological animal companion.

This picture is done in the traditional pencil and ink pen. The idea came to me when I was listening to Nickelbacks 'Savin Me' which gave me a scene for my character to interact with the villan. Basically she has fallen under into the hands of evil and became evil. When she ralizes her wronging, she tries to correct it only to get beaten down. It not only is a challenge for her but her husband who has to cope with it and has to find it in himself to earn his wings to save his wife.
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