The Auber Family Picture

Here is a quick little collection of sketches of Drum's family.

Edmund- Drums father, he currently spends most of his time traveling the world treasure hunting. He has a good relationship with his family, and always brings gifts with him when he returns home for quick visits. (most of his scars were made by his wife in their crazier days.)

Lynda- Drums mother the Valkyrie, she spent most of her younger years fighting with her husband Edmund, who she used to be bitter rivals with. The three scars on her neck are from the last fight she had with Edmund, a fight which was his first victory. Not long after that the two fell for each other and were soon married. She has settled down and spends most of her time at home, either working on metalwork or any other hobby she gains interest in. She still has a warriors spirit although, which shows in the affectionate training of her daughter to be a full fledged Valkyrie.

Saara- Drums older sister, although she does not look it. Saara has spent most of her life being confused for being much younger than she actually is. She gets sensitive whenever anyone mentions her childish appearance and loses her temper, which usually turns bad for Drum, who she unleashes her wrath upon. She is much stronger than she looks and is usually seen carrying her favorite battle axe around with her.

Harvar- Lynda's flying horse. Much smarter than he looks, every once in a while he becomes the unwilling accomplice in joyrides with Drum.
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