Frosted Autumn Picture

Nicknames: Frosty, Snowstep
Gender: Mare
Species: Pegasus
Parents: Father: Windy Willows; Mother: Blizzard Blossom
Siblings(?): N/A
Residence: Ponyville, previously Cloudsdale
Current Job: Weather Patrol
Likes: Reading, Mythology, Birds, and Snowfall
Dislikes: Severe heat, Indoors, and Butterflies
Overall Personality: Calm, kind, fairly quiet, and easily contented
Other: Has traveled to the Crystal Empire and Canterlot, yet she still misses Cloudsdale the most. She specializes in the transition of Fall to Winter and is in the best of moods during both seasons.


Woo~ Finally finished her x'D
Took me long enough... It's what I get for tweaking her color palette so many times.
I might draw her parents later, just as sketches most likely, simply to get the idea of genetics across.

Frosted Autumn (c) Me
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