William Astrophel Stanton Picture

Yes, he's a unicorn. He was spawned from a story that was once dead, but am now trying to bring back to life. It had a good story to it, I was just too inexperienced at the time to actually get past the intro of characters.

Anyway, in the furture man and animals have combined into strange anthromorphic whatevers due to exposure to radioactive material during World War III. But, hiding amoung these creatures, are the old mythological creatures and gods of ancient times, who have come out into this new world hoping to live normal lives.

Will here is a unicorn and love interest of the main character, Diamond, who is a dragon. This was my first time coloring Will, so it was new firguring out what colors worked on him. I forgot one thing, though. On his forehead where his horn is there should be a little star-shaped birthmark (hence his middle name of Astrophel, "star-lover" ). Oh well, it's all pastel-ish and stuff and was a general experiment in my oekaki skills. I like the Aku-Tenshi one a lot!
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