Akbuzat Picture

Ceramik, stainless steel, led light
48 x 37 x 10 cm
mixed media

Tulpar is a winged horse exist in mythologies of Central Asia such as Kyrgyz, Altay and Tatarics. İt has wings but it is not a Pegasus !!! God Tengri created it to help warriors. Nobody can see wings of Tulpar. İt shows its wings if and only if in the darkness and in trouble times. Tulpar seems at the world's longest epic poem, the Kyrgyz epic Manas, as horses running faster than wind, rided by Manas famous fighters.
Horse and Eagle. These two animals have important role in nomad and hunter cultures of northern and central Asia. Because of that Tulpar was formed with two animals. İt also seem at Kazakhistan and Mongolian the state coat of arms.
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