Eira and Anvindr Picture

This is the completed drawing on my outcast valkyrie character and her pegasus mount, Anvindr. I'm playing her in a Norse mythology themed World of Darkness game.

Her story is that she revealed herself to a warrior being tricked out of his rightful place in Valhalla by Loki. In doing so, she saved him from Loki's tricks but broke one of the laws set down for the Valkyries by Odin and was cast out of Asgard for it.

For nearly a century, she has wandered Midgard, aging (slowly) and fighting alongside the greatest warriors of the time. At the beginning of the campaign, Ragnarok has begun (though few have recognized it) and the giant Surtr invades Midgard. Eira and her companions (the rest of the party) fight in the last remaining army of mortals, a desperate alliance in a last ditch attempt to fight off the invasion. Beings of all the other realms have come to aid them with the notable exception of Asgard. The Bifrost has closed and Odin is missing, leaving the mortal realms to fend for themselves.

Yes, she's wielding Mjolnir. We saved Thor from an illusion he was trapped in only to find him poisoned by Nidhogg. He still hasn't recovered, so he gave our party his weapon and armor to aid us in our fight. Since there were only two of us strong enough to equip his stuff, I got Mjolnir and my friend got his armor
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