Imiko on the Moon Picture

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Well's my drawing of a character I made way back in 2nd or 3rd Grade. She was the main character of one of my little stories I had going called "'Lil Valkyrie", which was incredibly inaccurate to norse mythology, but cute nonetheless. Apparently I had heard of Valkyries even before Valkyrie Profile(no wonder VP was an instant hit), no doubt through a combination of Looney Toons, the song "Flight of the Valkyrie"(which I adored) and my Mom's information.
The story of the little Valkyrie story was that, rather than there being only 3 Valkyries shifted about, you had a whole school filled with girls trying to learn to become Valkyrie themselves. Imiko(who I have no idea what her name means, I probably just threw random sounds together) was the outcast runt-of-the-litter Valkyrie, who got teased constantly. The other Valkyries had brown hair and black dresses, and she had pink hair and a little blue dress with hearts on it Needless to say, I guess I didn't gather the whole Death-Goddess thing back then. , I can't really see Imiko actually gathering souls and battling the undead efficiently, but as girly looking as she is, she's really fun to draw.
The lineart took about an hour, and the coloring probably about the same amount of time, though I didn't keep track. I gave this to my Grandfather for his 78th Birthday, and was really happy because he seemed to like it a lot. But, as a note, NO, her arms aren't chained together...I just drew them a little too stiff and goofed up. I know the lineart has some flaws, but overall I'm very pleased with this.
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