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BOOM! Why here's not the Phoenix space engine? Welcome for Go-On X's Engine, the Engine X, or called Biunigasus, WHAT A HARD NAME :amazed:! Yes, Biunigasus was a hybrid between a seaplane and a winged Unicorn (I call it Unigasus, a portmanteau of Unicorn and Pegasus). Winged Unicorn, or commonly called Horned Pegasus is a common depiction of these two famous mythological horses, even made into MANY version, such as a cute version and a evil version like this guy. Biunigasus has the same personality like Ginzan in Daigunder, who wants to destroy the main character, and also evil like brainwashed Pegasion in Webdiver. In the series, he was owned by Go-On X (originally named Sho Royama)=> Don't have the family relative with Saki, just same the family name XD. His Engine Number is X, shaped like a winged Unicorn. He has ONE want, KILL Engine-Oh, GunBir-Oh, Seiku-Oh, and Kyoretsu-Oh (all the engines), while Sho (Go-On X) wanted to kill all the Go-Ongers and Go-On Wings. He can do it easily by himself, without help from anyone. Biunigasus could change himself into Unicentasus (robotic Centaur with winged humanoid Unicorn as the body). While he has evil want, he didn't affiliate with Gaiark, even he also their enemy. But on other chance, Biunigasus also can combine with Engine-Oh, formed as a jetpack with cannons.
He's also good at making illusions, and he can make himself disappear, and attack without detected. His characteristic is VERY ARROGANT AND NASTY.

Go-On X, Biunigasus, are you friend, or foe?
n.b: Biunigasus's color scheme has the same color scheme with Pegasion and Ginzan, also have same personality.
RPM Name: Aurora Unicorn

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