Hippogryphy Sketch Picture

The winged one of the fakemon legendary horses I'm designing. Decided to make it less Pegasus and more hippogryph for a couple reasons. The first being that having two of them be white and the third be not was just not cool. The second being that making it a splice animal goes along better with the whole pokemon idea.

Hippogryphs are griffins with the lion half replaced by horse, for those that don't know. And griffins are half eagle and half lion. I chose to go with a red tailed hawk instead of an eagle because I rather like the patterns on their wings. I think having the horse ears on top of the hawk head looks funny but I didn't like how the line art looked without ears, maybe I'll just replace them with feather tufts when I get around to doing a finished version. And making the tail red was just to be silly! XB

Tomorrow: the unicorn! Shall I decorate it with dots or swirls?

Pokemon belongs to Nintendo.
Hippogryphs belong to Greco/Roman mythology
This is purely mine.
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