Othello, My Little Troll Picture

Name: Othelo "Otto" Fontan

Age: About 6-7 sweeps (14-15 human years)

Screen Name: WhitheringPoet

Typing Style: HE TYpes WIth EMphasis ON HIs FIrst TWo LEtters.

Zodiac Sign: Not Specified

Strife Specibi(Weapon): An Ice Pick

"mate"sprite: Penela Maygik

Fetch Modus(If they have one): Simple Touch

Planet: The Land of Poetry and Snow

Likes: Poerty, Epic poems, mythology, Legends, knitting, snow, and being social

Hates: Extreme heat, rudeness, and improper grammar

Personality: Otto was raised to be kind and polite. you'd never know it, but he actually has a short temper, and a tendency to fly off the handle. He usually catches himself though, so its a rarity. He also worries. alot. just like his mother

Ancestor: The Poet

Luscus/Kernelsprite: A pegasus-type creature named "Barney"

Blood Color: Teal

Outfit: See picture

This is all based off of
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