mythos melody _finished_ Picture

this is a nice little flash movie that took me two days to make. working off and on of course, but still, for a short movie, that is a long time. i'm still new at this, so i have not put a load bar of start button on it. suffer. i'm tired. i'll update with a load bar, start button, and a replay button. as soon as i figure out how to make it work. antway, there are unicorns, dragons, pegasus and some other stuff. generally inspired by mythology.
the music is by draze, the song is 'let the party burn' and you can find it on newgrounds in the audio portal. please tell me what you think, but i know that this is far from perfect, i'll put a few more days work into it when i can and update it later. enjoy! it's random and good for short attention spans, looped for your convienence. no story, sorry, it's still in the works, but better than nothing. anyway, this is getting kinda long, and i need sleep. hope you like it! ----pyra
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