MLPTUGS: Zebedee and Zevin Picture

After I did the one on Warrior and Hero, asked me to to the other Tugs with their charas so for the next few days I'll do a tug and Chara daily, today I decided to do My Favorite Zed, Zebedee and his Chara Zevin who is looking up at Zebedee.

I like his original design so it was mostly unchanged infact the only change was that the original version had a cowboy hat because the creator did not have a fedora but V3 does so I replaced the cowboy hat with a fedora.

Zevin like the other charas resemble alot like their fathers(Tugs) and they share the same cutie mark, and in Zevin's case he looks alot Zebedee except he wears a different vest, His eyes are blue and he has an earring on his left ear.

MLP belongs to Hasbro.
TUGS belongs to the late David Mitton.
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Pony forms do belong to me.
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