Nun, The Shadow Dragon Picture

(drawn in sketchbook) done July 9, 2009

i FINALLY created my monster!!

this is Nun, Amaya's soul monster. It's as strong as Ra, and stronger then any of the other duel monsters. it's a monster that wasn't inscribed into the stone of Atemu's memories, so it wasn't created into one of the Egyptian God Cards. BUT, when Amaya worked for M. Pegasus, she drew up her soul monster and made it into a card, with strength like that of Ra, having three different abilities, the disappearing ink, and all that other stuff

like Ra it's divine, but a monster of dark not light. it's the ultamate dark monster, having ?/? attack and defence. only Amaya knows how to use her monster correctly, and no one has really dared to try to control it

it's a Shadow monster, from the Shadow Realm. being a Hebitsukai, she's been breed to battle in the Shadow Realm, making this monster an explainable monster to be her soul

in Egyptian mythology, Nun is the black darkness that the earth (land/animals/other stuff) came out of, before the gods existed. being that, i thought Nun would be an excellent name to call this monster (plus, i couldn't find anything else XP)

YAH! i'm so happy! it's my #2 favorite picture that i've drawn so far (#1 being the next pic i put up) i used pics of dragons, winged dinosaurs, and other creatures when i designed this monster

Nun (c)
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