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1. Choose a mythological/magical creature as your theme and write or link a short description in your artist comments.
2. Design a costume for the carnival in Venice for a woman, pay attention to detail and go as crazy and creative as you like/can. (play with shapes and structures)
3.Design a mask, fitting your theme and also pay attention to the hair/hat
4. Must be a colored piece!

from left the designs are inspired from pegasus, griffin and doppleganger

Pegasus...though i havent had the time to delve into the making of the masks yet, i just thought how about having a mask extending outward in the shape of pegasus taking a flight...if this isnt possible in the construction of mask an alternative option is to include it in the headpiece...the back viel is made up in 3 layers...1st one is a bit of feathers, the second is laced and third is plain satin...the dress near the neck silk tafetta ruffles a present beneath which is a wrap around collar of feathers which emerges from one of the ends of the bodice...the second bodice which is whothout any feathers is made up of silk brocade fabric...the third section around, the middle one has crystals arnd it and side section is made of lace cloth...the gown is in layers depicting the layers of wings...the first two layers are silk and have crystals spread on the edges...the third and last layer are either lace or embroidered and embellished organza(am confused here)...the fourth layer is made of silk brocade...the black pants are visible from the see thru section are ruffled (either throughout or just at the ankles)...the gloves are black...the look is completed with pearl belt loosely lying over the waist...the sleeves are sort of a jacket with puffed sleeves...tafetta and then ruffling at the wrists ending with black gloves...except the gloves n pants the whole dress is pristine in white

the second one is inspired by the griffin(still researching on its colors) through drawings...i had feathers attached onto an unusual big mask...though i had another option too where the head piece comes above the mask but i went for this one...the alternative option was a beak shaped mask with a turban on top with feathers on top, pearls below and an organza veil...however the main includes the mask half in the shape of wings and half in squares to support them....the mask is ornamented....the feathers are arranged in a pointed manner like i saw in many artworks...behind the huge mask lies a turban on which there is a bead thingy which lies in the middle of both 'wings' and ending with a veil...the flannel/silk used to cover the head ends up being part of the main dress extending till stomach...ending in a jewel piece...the rest top is silk brocade also known as banarsi...there is a plain strip between the sleeves and silk brocade top...the sleeves are baloooned and stop in 3/4 way with hands then extending out like claws of griffin from the feathery section in its the waist i thought to add in feathers creating sort of a skirt of it around the waist....the skirt is a wrap around sort with being either embroidered or left plain...the secion where the skirt is left open reveals bubble pants with tafetta ruffles at the ends with pump stillettoes...the look is completed with a fan as an acessory

this one is inspired by the doppleganger but since it is a ghost wasnt sure if it wud b included in the mythical creature category....the dress is black n white....the hat is made of black n white ruffles....workin with the idea of opposite...i have whats white on one side is black on other in the top...resultin in an interestin result...the skirt is made of dyed strips of ccloth arranged in a manner that one is upside down beside the other...and every alternate is embroidered...the mask however is inspired frm theatre masks and therefore three eyes...the mergence of evil n good...not too keen on this one though i didnt spend much time on it

looking for comments asap
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