Voleros Saga Gijinka Race Pegasus Picture

These two characters here are Lunaria from my Neko of the Moon Series and A.J. from my Anime Otaku series. Have you guys heard of the group Voleros Saga? If not go check it out it is a really cool group, I can't join it because I don't have time to Role Play Like I used too, so what I ended up doing was creating these two characters in all of the Gijinka races in that group just to see how I would have created them, but if did have to choose it would be Nekomata mainly because I love cats and Lunaria is a neko. However in this group I will be changing A.J. name to Alora, I will explain why later. In this group they are also sisters, Lunaria is 18 and Alora is 14. Lunaria also has tanned skin because she spends pretty much everyday in the sun training or taking a nap, even to purposely get a tan. Alora does not have tanned skin because she is actually a sickly girl, when she was born her mother was sick giving birth to her, in return Alora would randomly get easily sick, whether it's a fever or cold, either way spending too much time under the sun would make her collapse easily, so Lunaria tries to keep her inside as much as possible. Out of the entire village Lunaria is the best warrior there, in fact Alora is next in line to be head of the village, there family actually is head of the village but at the coming of a certain age the torch is passed on to the next leader. Despite that Alora is a sickly girl Lunaria will help out around the village as Alora second in command. Alora was named of the country itself, run by Ayre the Phoenix God of Summer. Her parents thought it was a beautiful name so thats what they named her. The entire village worships all 4 of the seasonal gods, in fact the have statues of the gods in all corners of the village to help with protection of the village(sounds cheesy I know). Sadly one night, on the night of the Full Moon and on Lunaria's 18th birthday, it got eerily disrupted by Basilisk the God of Death and says "Awww you guys are having a party and didn't invite me now thats just rude(I thought this line was stupid)" said with a really creepy smile. "Well I guess there is nothing else to do now except crash it" Basilisk raised his hand and summoned everyone of his so called Sun Spawn and began attacking the whole village. I am going to stop right here because I won't go to far into details unless you guys ask me or if I really join the group hopefully soon.

Gijinka: Pegasus
I thought this looked pretty, eve though I don't have this detailed. I gave Alora white again, mainly to show purity for her, and originally I was going to give Lunaria black but I changed it to silver instead, thought it might give her a better look instead of the usual black.

Self Critique:
I did not want to do actual detail because well like I said I just wanted to see how I would have created these characters as each of the gijinkas. So I left it flat. This whole thing was done digital, from the sketch to the coloring, so if some of the anatomy seems off like Lunaria left arm, don't worry digital or traditional I am still practicing, thank you for reading.

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