Ponydex part 1 Picture

This is what I have been working on long before I went to Trotcon. Pretty much since I started watching the show. I had also noticed the fan made races so I add them to the list. Due to some of my fan fiction I'm working I thought it would be neat to show a visual aid that I as a joke call the Ponydex.

There are too many to list here so I give you ones that should be noted that you don't know/might have seen.

Bat-ponies are cannon from the Episode Nightmare Night made famous by the Moonstuck game.

Geo ponies These ponies have 3 different sub groups of what their made of of Rock,Gemstone,Crystal (now cannon due to toys and Season 3)

Metal ponies based on blind bags metallic ponies. Glow ponies ponies that glow in the dark (based on glow in the dark blind bags)

Jelly sea pony (one I will name squishy and he will be mine)

Ents (He is NO TREE) I liked the idea ponies made out of plant life and since Windagos are winter horse shaped spirits...

Slime Ponies- alternate names Gel & Ooze, ponies are you guessed it made of out of slime or maybe slimes in the shape of ponies who knows.

Farrel Ponies These ponies are part ponies part other animals unlike Pegasus which is 50% bird a Farrel bird pony can be 30% bird or more or less.

Hopper Pony My own creation GENTALCOLTS BEHOLD I HAVE CROSS BREADED A PONY WITH THAT OF A GRASSHOPPER! Oh yeah I'm one can short of a six pack!

Poniroo a cross between a pony and Kangaroo. I think somebody else has done so but I wanted to try it.

Thestral (based on harry potter) a combine form of a Nightmare with its nega fire hair and Batpony with bat wings & ears

Clydonion(pronounced Cly doe e on) my own alien pony complete with spines, star shaped iris,reptile tail, & antennas.

Slipnir the 8 legged horse from Norse mythology

Breeds- Pouch Ponies like the Poniroo I have seen the idea of ponies having pouches the one shown as it on their side but as prove of the Poniroo I can have them on their front as well.

Pearlised Gem ponies are gemstone ponies that have smooth surface like a pearl. (based on some g1 pony toys.)

Ruby & Zombie Ponies were there to represent the idea of Undead & Ghost Ponies. there from Story Of The Blanks by

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