I accidentally OC's Picture

Your name is JETZEL DURANN. You're 9 SWEEPS OLD, but still act like you're 5. You find it difficult to STAY IN ONE SPOT for more than five minutes, but it's NOT A PROBLEM because your IMPECCABLE SENSE OF DIRECTION always leads you back. Though ON THE SMALL SIDE, you insist on lugging around a HUGEASS MACE. When you aren't CLOPPING AROUND ON TRAJAN'S ROOF with your lusus, you're likely EATING HIS FOOD or READING HIS DIARY. Your trolltag is shortcutTraveller [ST], and you speak in a flippant, carefree manner~~

Your name is TRAJAN AURELI. You're 10 SWEEPS OLD, but wish you were OLDER so other trolls would take you more SERIOUSLY. There are no bounds to your OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDER, except for your HAIR, which you CAN'T SEEM TO TAME. You have an affinity for MILITARISTIC STRATEGY, and hope to occupy a HIGH POSITION one day. You're a HARD WORKER, but grow FRUSTRATED quickly when you can't focus. Your trolltag is methodicalVictor [MV], and yovr vords resemble the lettering vsed in an ancient system.

'lations //shot
but yeah uh comment or note me or whatevs plzzz I'm friendly and I promise I write better ic than I do in artist's comments
they're on pesterchum/trollian too so add them if you want~

I don't know what category you're supposed to put it in if you got help from a base o:

[link] - used this generator to make a base then drew everything I couldn't generate (most of their hair, their horns, their symbols, small details) on MS paint... which is why that's what's wonky, lol.

so yeah, new characters I guess. Jet's a high-maintenance yellowblood with an inner compass (that's what the symbol on her shirt is supposed to be lol), ie she always knows which way is north, south etc. Her lusus is something like a pegasus, hence flying onto Trajan's roof to bother him. She doesn't have much of a typing quirk, just using a lot of squiggles. Trajan is a blueblood with intense OCD, and gets really agitated when things are out of order. He's kind of themed around the Romans, thus the Latin-style typing (w to v, u to v, j to i and using roman numerals instead of arabic numbers) and the lightning bolt symbol (symbolic of Jupiter). His lusus would probably be something like a chimera or something from greco-roman mythology.

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