Meep Picture

Say, have I ever mentioned that I love the song "Here Comes The Rain Again" by Eurythmics?

Uhm, on to the actual deviation. XD

Kinda inspired by ~Snowflakeytherat's (a great artist) one. Which is why it kinda resembles hers.
The rock SUCKS I know. No mentioning that thing.
I did something different with the highlights on the wing.

And the weird lineart? I scanned the sketch as black-and-white. XD So it turned out really really fuzzyish, but I found a way to skip over the single pixeled areas using the Burn tool. I
Man, that sun really messed things up, so do not mention that. I think I'll submit the original picture, no background at all. Maybe. . .

This was just a practice on wings, using the wings of Pegasus on my Mythology book. XD

Erm, download for full size, but be warned, that makes it 1500x1990, but in fact, it was waaaay bigger then that, I had to resize it down because it was really slowing my computer down. And huzzah, it had worked! For awhile, at least. ^__^;
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