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So here they are~!

1. Jungle Book- This was my childhood movie. When I was like 4 this is what I would watch all day. My mom could quote the whole movie.

2. Tarzan- What's not to like about this movie? I loved it. (And not only for Phil Collins X3) It was all around a great movie. My absolute favorite characters were Tarzan and Turk.

3. Treasure Planet- Morph and Ben enough said.

4. Beauty and the Beast- My all time favorite disney princess movie. Belle just seems to be the most relate-able princess. And I loved this movie and the message it had. Don't judge a book by its cover.

5. Mulan- Two words: Girl Power! Mulan shows that girls can do anything a boy can do. She also show how much love she has for her family. Also loved the comedy in this movie. Mushu and Cricky(?) interactions were the best.

6. Hercules- Where my love for Greek Mythology all began~! The story is good. Only reason why I still keep watching it is for Pegasus and Hades.

7. Atlantis: The Lost Empire- I don't know why people didn't like this movie? I thought it was very unique when it came out. Also everyone forgets about Princess Kida! She is so badass (Just like Mulan).

8. The Emperor’s New Groove- Such a funny movie! My favorite part is where Kuzco is pointing out all the girls in the beginning of the movie. Also Krunk. I love him so much!

9.The Princess and the Frog- Come on! Disney finally made a African American Princess! Also she was kind of normal. She didn't want anything other than to fulfill her dad's dream. She was a hard worker and never took the easy route. Love Tiana.

10.Finding Nemo- When I first saw this movie; I loved it, and so did my little sister. Problem was that she became addicted to this movie. TO the point she would have to watch it EVERY night to fall asleep. I began to hate it after that. But now that she's over it, I've slowly began to remember why I loved this movie: DORY.

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