:Bitch Please: Picture

Primus I haven't draw her in awhile!!! ;n; I miss her ;3; anyway, yeah lol.

Name: Ritani
Age: 17
Likes: Nature, Art, Music, Magic, Reading, etc.
Dislikes: Pollution, Trolls, Haters, Obama, Bullies, Art Thieves, People overly religious (meaning the ones that will try and shove it down your throat and troll you if your religion isn't theirs), etc.
Mate: Elk Tracks
Powers: Ritani is like a unicorn but with no horn, she can control nature itself. Whenever she uses this power her colors get lighter and she glows. This is an example of what she looks like when using her powers :thumb347318036:
Origins: Some where far from Equestria
Mother: Midna (a pegasus) will be made soon
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