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Morrigan's bio

Name: Morrigan
Gender: Female
Age: 16
height: 5'7"
Romantic partner: Scotaidgh (scotty)
Likes: Fantasy, archery, fencing, horses, pegausus, mythology, storms, adventure
dislikes: the indoors, controlling environments, school

personality: Morrigan is an adventurous girl with a heart of gold! She loves to go on adventures and spend the whole day outside with her best friend and boyfriend Scotaidgh. Morrigan is also brave and on occasion reckless.

History: Morrigan is an outcast on the island of Corc. She feels she was born in the wrong time and should be shipped back to the 1400's (as a man, wasn't a good time for the ladys). She practices chivalry and other fighting styles with her best friend Scotaidgh who shares her interests. As a resuly she isn't popular in high school, unlike her twin sister Annette. Morrigan was hiking alone one day when she came across the white pegasus later named Cruso. Since then Morrigan has gone on countless adventures and daring deeds! She and Cruso fly in the thunderstorms and race Scotaidgh on his stallion Rory.

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