Simplicity Picture

This is my entry for the Fairy Tale Chic contest #Doll-Divine-Lovers is having. I made it with dolldivine and pixelledanddead's Fairy Tale Chic maker [link] I actually created two more entries of this same character at different stages of her life but I think it would be confusing so I’m not entering those. I’m so excited this is my first contest! I hope they do more. Now on to the main event!

This is Simplicity and she is queen of darkness. She functions, not as an evil being, but as the opposite of light. Her presence helps keep the balance of all things. She has dominion over magic and supernatural creatures from the human-like ones, vampires and werewolves, to unicorns and demons.

Like the goddess Hecate from Greek mythology, because of her domain, those who do not know or understand her fear her. She has had to struggle to come to terms that both humans and others like herself have a preconceived notion of who she is. When she was a teen, she threw herself into that role as an act of rebellion but as an adult, she understands that punishing people for that is not the way to go about changing their minds.

Today she keeps order by being fair and gentle and hopes that others will see her for who she truly is. Her and her pegasus Ayla can be seen flying across the night sky keeping watch over those in her care.
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