Royal Navy Tradewind Mk I Picture

[Aircraft Story below is fictional)
Royal Navy Tradewind Mk1
1th Air Amphibious Squadron ("Pegasus")
"B for Bellerofon"

In 1955, the Tradewind aircraft - designed to deploy Troops in Air Amphibious Assaults - caught the eye of the Royal Navy. While the Royal Navy was aware of the issues of such a venture - it was deemed impossible for the pilot to keep the aircraft steady long enought to disembart - they did buy five Aircraft - out of all was named after Greek Mythology.

In 1956, the Suez Crisis begun to develop and the Pegasus Squadron with "A for Achilles", "B for Bellerofon", "C for Castor", "E for Euphemus" and the reserve aircraft "J for Jason".

Theese Aircraft would become a spearhead - landing a force near Alexandria on the Nile itself to capture important documents and officers planning the Defence of Port Said.

And so, Operation Hellas would commence.

The plan called for the four Aircraft to land upon the Nile, deploy their cargo of Jeeps - and with heavy air support - remain on station until the soldiers returned whereupon the Jeeps would be abandoned and scuttled.

The Operation was a complete success, encountering light resistance and retreating with four casulties and all objectives accomplished. It is rumoured that the intelligence captured kept the RAF working for three days.

Despite the Success, the Pegasus Squadron was disbanded in 1960, citing that the Squadron would no longer be able to operate in the same way it did in Suez.

And this is the last time I build one of Revells 50 year anneversery models...
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