Five of My Own Picture

So, my five OC-horses.

From top to bottom
Lucas. An eight-footed horse, like Odin's horse Sleipner in the Nordic mythology, that is blind on both eyes and relies on the wind and his other sences to keep him safe.

Iso. A kelpie, but only still a foal. He just got so old that his mother left him by his own.

Tindera. A crossbreed between ardenner horse and pegasus. Even though she is a pegasus she is not that fond of flying so she keeps her feet on the ground most of the time.
She is the kindest of the five.

Nova. She was very loyal to her owner and when he lost his priced ruby she set out for a search. But after she found it she never made it back to her owner before she died. She now roams the land in her quest to bring the ruby back to her owner.

Saveryn. He once was a magnificent unicorn but after trying to save his herd from humans he got captured. When he finally managed to escape they hade taked his horn and all his unicornpowers with it.
Without his horn the herd woudn't let in back in and he now goes alone.
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