My Little Transformers Picture

Let's face it, this was inevitable. It's Transformers ponies! More specifically, Ratchet and Wheeljack as ponies. As you can guess, Wheeljack is the pegasus sporting the very fashionable muzzle and glowy bracelets. Ratchet is the unicorn trying not to laugh his aft off.

Why is pony Wheeljack wearing that ridiculous getup? Because I was dared to somehow incorporate a mask and make his ears glow. Honestly though, I can easily imagine Wheeljack, if he were a pony, deciding to wear something because he likes it, even if it makes everyone laugh at him.

I made Ratchet a unicorn because he's a medic and in the most well known mythologies of them, unicorns are healers, just like Ratchet. Although you can't see it, his symbol is the medical cross he is so well known for, with those little heart monitor lines running across it. Why are there heart monitor lines? Because I thought it looked good, and that's the only justification I need.

Wheeljack is a pegasus because I thought it fit him. And he does have those back wing things as a robot. His symbol is a light bulb, since it is usually used to symbolize ideas and discovery, and Wheeljack is a brilliant inventor and engineer.

And if you never see me again, it's because my friends are finally fed up with my Transformers obsession and had me committed. That or my sister stabbed me to death because she was fed up with my Transformers obsession.

And I know it looks bad, but I suck with colored pencils, not to mention my scanner sucks almost as bad, and my sister took her tablet on a road trip. Otherwise I totally would have colored this on the computer. I may still do that when she and the tablet return. After I finish another drawing I've had in the works since... I think late April or early May. And there's still more I want and/or need to draw. Like, at least three or four other things including Joker and Harley Quinn ponies my friend Why Me has been heckling me for.

And why can't I ever make my comments short?
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