Dark Ruination Picture

What kind name is Dark Ruination! I mean, if she's the god of death then it should be something nice and calming. How about Afterwhisper or "Welcome to the afterlife, have some tea and cookies."!

- A letter from Martin Glasgow to Princess Celestia

Name: Dark Ruination (Thuk)
Aspect: Death
Patron Race: The Aluun, wispy pony spirits that help guide the dead into the afterlife. They live in the realm of of the inbetween/ Thook.
Cutie Mark: An ankh

Dark Ruination is a mysterious pony, not even her parents remember her conception. She seemed to have come from the primordial darkness but nothing is for certain. Her duties are to watch over the dead and their respective afterlives. Ruination, to most, is scary and aloof. In truth, she is only doing her job when ferrying souls. So much mystery surrounds this pony, it's hard to piece together the mythology.

This goddess lives in the strange world of Thook. Many say it's the world between the realms of the living and the dead. Often described to resemble long wait at the bank. Dark Ruination divides the spirits into the those bound for the Light and the Dark realms.
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