Sleipner: God of Thunder Picture

Okay! I decided to enter the Create the Gods contest for #TheLandOfEponia because
Sleipner. I love Norse mythology and I couldn't resist drawing him up.

I decided to make him into a shaggy pegasus with golden hooves. Also, beard is necessary because Norse men usually had braided beards. Guess that explains the tail too!
So what is his cutie mark? It's a cloud background with a hammer sandwiched in between it and a lightning bolt. I thought it was a good idea because in Norse mythology Thor was the god of Thunder, and had this giant hammer called Mjo- . . . I can't spell it and I'm too lazy to look it up. But anyways, I just wanted to make a connection between the two.

I coudl've done better, but I rushed because I didn't know the deadline. Oh well, hope you enjoy!
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