Love in the Underworld Picture

Yep, DId another Miss DirgeXAshley cosplay pic, this time with Greek Mythology on the brain. (been reading lots of the tales recently- some of it I remember from high school, some of it not.)

Now the Greek Gods, although were cool characters, were REALLY enjoyed Polygamy and cheating on their wives (ESPECIALLY the King of the Gods Zeus- who constantly cheated on his poor wife Hera. Hercules was NOT Hera's son) and are not as squeaky clean as the Disney version of Hercules presented them to be.
But if I had to pick one couple from Greek mythology, I would pick HadesXPersephone over HeraXZeus any day.

Yes, Hades was not as nasty or cruel/vengeful as the Disney version made him out to be. Sure, he was not the nicest guy (he was rather bitter and cold and often silent, and a bit creepy) but he was just a guy who did is job, sorting out where the souls went to in their afterlife, depending how good or bad they have been. (In Greek myth afterlife, the good souls go to the peaceful Elysium Fields, while the Wicked souls go to the firey pit of Tatarus and some go to the mists of Asphodel (Limbo).
In fact the worst thing he ever did (I think) was kidnap the young Goddess of Spring, Persephone to be his queen because he was in love with her. I personally think that was very creepy and not very nice of him to have done that. But she does end up growing to love him and like him. AND he DID return her to her mother, Demeter, Goddess of the fields. But due to her eating 6 pomegranate seeds, the deal was that every year, she will have to spend 6 months in the Underworld with her husband Hades, and 6 months with her mother (hence Spring and Summer, when she is on the surface- reflecting her mother's happy mood. and Autumn and Winter when she is with her husband, reflecting her mum feeling sad).

Sure Hades didn't do a good thing kidnapping a young goddess for his wife (and its kinda creepy seeing as he IS older than her :eek: ), but at least he stayed faithful to Persephone (minus the time a nymph seduced him, but Persephone taught that nymph a lesson and he apologised LOL), unlike Zeus, who was a womanizier
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