Damen Deimos OC Picture

Today I had gotten the idea as I looked through DA on unicorns, mutants, and pegasus,...that I would make a awesome UniMAn! XD

His name is Damen Deimos, which means 'To Tame Terror' in ancient greek
He isn't like normal unicorns, expecially with one of his horns through his left eye. I was thinking of those animals that can have there teeth go through the roof of their mouth, and I just thought a horn through the eye would be...fabulous >w<

Age: 2
Color: Cremello and dun pinto with reddish-brown tattoo markings. His mane and tail are brown and black mix
Breed: Unicorn
Gender: Stallion

Before much time he had been captured as a foal by a canibal tribe in greece, one that had been hidden away for centuries. A tribe that had silently made its way into Greece, seeking for more land then the ones in other countries. Hunted by the Roman Empire, only to come up empty handed with every search. The tribe would appear with only when the mythology of life appeared into view of the people of Greece.. They treated him like a god, but never to let him loose. They tied him up with the strongest rope they had, never to untie his bonds. He would watch their rituals, setup for him. Human sacrifices given up to him, but Deimos would only stare at them. Snapping at any of the tribe that tried to come near and provoke him; attempting him to try and kill the defenseless human infront of him. But only to watch them stab the poor soul as he refused, taking its blood and smearing it all over Deimos [as well as they could]. Soon nealing down to feast. Even at such a young age, he was one for his name, as the tribe would call him. Damen Deimos. Tame the Terror. Of course, the taming only would come to a halt as he grew stronger.
But one day a small boy, who had always felt the need to give Deimos extra lush grass while all others were asleep.
The child could of only been of the age 14, its mind not yet corrupted by the canibalism. His name was Crowhide, and with a loving heart he came to the idea of finally freeing Deimos. Letting him run to his hearts content. And whether or not he got away with it, he would be happy. Even though the penalty of his crime was death by ritual. The ritual being to pray for the safty of Damen Deimos to come back to his worshipers. And Crowhide finally did his deed, the huge unicorn rearing free from what rope held onto him still. He pranced around to the child, nickering to him, soon to rear again in triumph and gallop away into the moonlight. Damen Daimos lived in the shadows for the rest of his long life, soon becoming a gossiping gorgeous stallion.

Yes, it all seems so unreal, but hey comeone. It's a unicorn, theres got to be other unreal things XD

I'll do more work later, i already luff him xD

Damen Deimos the Unicorn Stallion(c)BELONGS TO ME
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