The pony from my dream Picture

If you read one of my journal posts explaining a dream, this is the pony I saw in the mirror, but without the scarf, I added that myself.
The dream I had last night had him appear again, with the name of Jon Bele(Bell)
The Prefix of my name and a different way to spell Bell.

He's a pegasus that is friends with Cobalt Shine, Arrow Dash, and Gear Strings, he assists Gear with his inventions and he doesn't have a major occupation, although he lives in his own Cloud Cottage to the east of Cloudsdale, graduated at University of Cloudsdale, his talents are Ocarina playing, Guitarist, Fast flying, Gaming, Para-medic, and Researcher for different Sciences and Mythologies/Folkores.

Let me explain how he relates to me the most from all the characters. First off My name is Jonathon, his name is Jon the nickname I get called throughout my life from everyone(along with Jonny) I am fast on my feet, I am taking advanced science classes and which is my 1# subject, I research freely on Folklore and Mythology, I'm a major gamer, I play both Ocarina and Guitar, and finally, I love things that fly so he is a pegasus.

Dont think that I just thought of him up within a brief moment, he came to me as myself in a dream, in the hospital. My sub-conscious created him and decided make me him, reason how I got all this info about him, is that even though I didn't talk, but he said everything himself as me, kinda like yourself isn't talking, but you are talking(Logic broken)
So don't come up to me and say "OMG WTF YOU MADE A MARY-SUE lolol FAG" even though I haven't had that kind of hate before, WOOT.
But either way, always treat an artists creations kindly.

MLP:FiM (c)
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