unisis Picture

so,me and my bestist buddy ALI were in english class last year and we got papers back from when we were in like kindergarden, SEPT ME! MY PAPERS WERE NOOWHERE TO BE FOUND! god, school district.

anyway, in english class, and she shows me a paper where she could have anything as a pet, and she said a unisis.

UNISIS-(n) A horse-like animal that has wings and a horn. It can read the owmers mind and do magic. It is best not to tick off a unisis. ex- My sister owns a unisis.

so ya. and a couple of days ago we were talking about it in french, and i told her i would draw her one. so i did. the horse part actually looks a lot like the cover of our band program that we have a EVERY concert. since were the titans, its a picture of a titan, riding a horse. and it says

_ _ _ _ Band

Spring/ Winter Concert

7:00 Pm

how do i know? well, its been the same for the past 7 YEARS! and its sitting right next to me :3
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