Skiron Picture

Another newcomer~ and not the last.


Name: Skiron (wind mentionned in Greek mythology)
Barn name: Sky
Sex: Stallion
Age: unknown
Breed: Equitus Ventus - Wind Rider (breed is mine ©)
Sire: unknown
Dam: unknown
Bloodline: starter
-Horse form: (see above) pegasus with a percheron build (French draft horse without feathers); black and blue coat, almost white mane and tail. Blue marking on shoulders. Earrings on left ear, piercing at the beginning of the tail, all in silver. One blue feather under both ears, two long (black and shades of blue) ones starting from the beginning of his wings. Tough upper lip, finishing in a grey beak like form, small and thin nostril. Blue eyes.Black in a spartiate helmet shape on head.
-Gryphon form (see [link] ): the front of an eagle, sharing the same color as his horse coat, blue and black, grey beak. One dark blue feather under both ears, two long (black shades of blue) ones starting from the beginning of his wings. Back of a white tiger, wearing the same blue marking on his shoulders. His jewelry remains.
Stone: Sapphire
Height: 19.5hh
Owner/trainer: Meykka
Temperament: Calm on his own, he gets nervous around humans. Dom Juan around mares he used to scream on stallions when they approach, not hesitating to use beak and talon. He's pretty possessive and protector with those he cares for.

Discipline: flying competition, show
-MFS Winter Contest : Air race [link] - 1st

Breeding: Open, but I won't accept small and light mare, he's heavy and so will his foal moreover with their wings and the fact it's 75% chance being twins.
Note: he wears a halter with a sapphire on his forehead and tied wings during breedings.
Passable traits: see Wind Rider concept link bellow
-with Haliaeetos (BP: [link] ) : Ventosus [link] & Nirta [link]
-with Tympani (BP: [link] ) : Daouli [link]

Story: The pegasus shadow following Sharav finally set his hooves on the ground. We learned he was of the same kind in no time. He's over protective around Sharav, so we suppose they are siblings or good friends, but not mate, since the mare doesn't react when Skiron go flirt with the others females. We keep an eye on him, since his seems to have a completely diffrent point of view seeing the opposite gender than Sharav. Both are now staying at the castle.


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