Breezy Tail Picture

More MLP stuff. This is my Pony sona, whom I created out of boredom and because I really wanted to make a MLP character.

Name: Breezy Tail
Gender: Female
Species: Pegasus
Cutie Mark: A winged snake, which represents her talent as a traveler and a messenger (in Greek mythology, the messenger god Hermes had a staff shaped like two snakes, which is why Breezy Tail's cutie mark is a snake. I know. Wierd. But whatever...)

Bio: WIP, I got nothing yet.

Random info: Breezy Tail's tail is extremely long and poofy, making it rather uncomfortable for Breezy to handle when in flight and when walking, which is why she ties it up in all those bandages. It is a mystery how she manages to do this, but it is possible that a unicorn may help her.

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