RX-95 Pegasusgundam Picture

RX?95 Pegasus GUNDAM Anaheim MS RX?93 which disappeared with アクシズ at the time of the rebellion of シャア Body which collected and re-designed nu GUNDAM.
Although it was nu GUNDAM which fought in order to stop space century 0096 time and アクシズ fall, drifting by a certain 宙域 with the half of アクシズ was discovered.
There was no figure of a pilot's アムロ lei captain, and although the cockpit was in the open state, the bodies itself were collected in the figure which can work if it fixes except having started the overload.
RX?93 collected by request of some the federation's human beings who still believe subsistence of Captain アムロ It is these RX?95 to newly have improved and re-designed nu GUNDAM from 1. It is Pegasus GUNDAM.
Since unlike incomplete nu GUNDAM many hours were spent and it re-designed all fields, it is the existence as a higher rank machine of nu GUNDAM.
This is not too much to say hi-nu GUNDAM of the legitimate space century near positioning of hi-nu GUNDAM in the parallel world.
The lost fin funnel also equips a back container with six sets (fin funnel which turned that it was various with the difference in mobility, and the difference in the output of a beam from the difference in a size) of new new fin funnels by two Onaka smallness each and all, The Phycho frame is also expanded to a cockpit body portion, and that of flattery nature is quite high.
Moreover, since the return of form and a アムロ lei captain was wished and it was developed, it was named Pegasus GUNDAM.
Record that he appeared in this body is not left behind.
RX?0 developed at the period Although there is a common feature with the name of the auspicious animal of unicorn GUNDAM and Greek mythology, there is also a rumor that it was a body for stopping a reckless run of NT?D of unicorn GUNDAM (NT-D cancellation by anti サイコミュ field deployment of a new fin funnel).
The new fin funnel (two Onaka smallness each) x3, a beam rifle, Balkan, A shield, a beam saber, grenade Appearance novel "Mobile Suit GUNDAM 0098 - light difference す未来 [ - ]" ->[link]
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