What do you fear? Picture

As I was sick this week, I worked on some drawings exercices, as a friend told me. I always draw animals in the same positon and that's not helping me to improve. SOOO. A sketch from a scene of a story I have in my mind since 2 years. I have to work more on the story before thinking about starting it. So, here is one of the main character, Ezekiel (pronounce HEY-SEY-KEE-HELL) the name would probably change but I really like this one. I was really inspired by greec mythology, a webcomic called "Engel and the twin star destiny", "Off-white" and some others legends. SO. Ezekiel would be a white soul gardian. And I must change his design too. He's a fucking normal horsey most of the time, not an alicorn. lool that's so confused. ^_^'
Hope you like it!
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