Chimera Picture

I have heard and seen many varities of this beast. Some have it as a lion's body with a goat head, some have it as a goat with a lion's head, goat's legs and also a goat's head on the back. I drew the version I remember from a book I had as a child.

The story was about Bellorphron. He heard about the female chimera burning the lands prayed at a shrine to Athena for guidance until he fell asleep. Athena appeared in a dream and gave him a magic bridle and told him to seek out Pegasus. When He woke up the bridle was next to him.

Bellorphron used the bridle to tame Pegasus and rode him to where the Chimera was. After firing his whole quiver of arrows at the monster he used a lance with a lead tip. The flames from the monster's mouth metled the lead and made it catch on fire which in turn, coated the monster with the burning metal and killed it.
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