Coloring Book: Good Picture

A Fantasy Alphabet Coloring Book

I am currently working on making a coloring book. It will be for sale, just note me when you want me to let you know when its available.

You can read all about the coloring book here: [link]

This is pen and ink

The power of good is a very strong influence and a reoccuring theme in mythology and fantasy. Stories are used to pass along moral concepts sucha s protecting those weaker than you, fighting for what is right and just being a good person. In this image, you can see magical elves leaving their floating castle to battle a dragon. Some of the elves have weapons because you have to fight for waht is right. But some beings, like the unicorns, have healing powers and there are times you have to use your skills to heal.

This is NOT free lineart. Just in case the watermark didn't let you know. The only way you can officially get the lineart is by purchasing the coloring book or the original. If you do, I would be very excited to see your coloring of it, and I will put a link here with your name to your colored version.
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